How to Get Traffic to your Blog

The most rare problem face by bloggers is traffic and it’s not easily to get traffic to your blog. I know that most of the blogger quit blogging because they don’t have enough traffic on their blog.

“Impossible is Nothing”


For new bloggers I must say traffic means visitors and if you don’t get visitors then you might not make money from your blog. So after creating a new blog you should only focus on building traffic. Here below I had write some traffic building tips, it will help you to get traffic to your blog.


Write Quality Content

Your blog should have unique content and quality content play very important role in search engine ranking. In my point of view you shouldn’t copy content from other blogs. Write your own content, make your own image or use free images, and maintain some quality of your blog.

Do ON-Page Optimization

In Search Engine Ranking ON-Page Optimization play vital role. Here I had write 5 Tips for ON-Page Optimization, it will help your blog to increase search engine ranking.

  1. Your blog title should be unique.
  2. Write unique meta description of your blog
  3. Make use of H1, H2 and H3 Tags.
  4. Make use of alt tag & don’t forget to add image.
  5. Make use of Meta Keyword tag.

Interlink Your Blog Post

Internal Link is very important factor to get traffic to your blog, and one more advantage of internal link is increment in page views. And Google just hates those blog don’t interlink their post. In WordPress there are many plugins which shows automatic internal link on your blog post.

Do Comment on other blogs.

Doing comment on other blogs is best way to get high quality Backlink. But it’s not easily to get approve from blog admin, you have to do genuine comment on other blogs, and then there is chance to get approved by blog admin.

Share Your Blog to Social Network

Sharing is best way to get instant traffic to your blog and your blog will get high PR Backlink, so you must share your blog to social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. I will provide list of some important social networking site.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Pinterest


There is no way to get traffic in one day. So be patience, and if you will follow all above points then you will get traffic to your blog. Don’t be selfish, If you like this post then do like, share with your friends. Let me know in comment what you will suggest other bloggers.



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  1. LOVED this post. Simple and to the point. I would love to talk with you if you would email me at the email above. I could sure use your help 🙂

  2. I wonder if you have any more? But yes all great and useful tips I will be considering as I write posts and utilize my social media platforms.

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