How Many WordPress Plugins We Should Install?

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We all know that WordPress is one of the best CMS and without plugin it’s very difficult to make use of wordpress. If you are new blogger then make use of Best WordPress SEO Plugins for your Blog. Many blogger have question in their mind that is how many WordPress Plugins we should Install?

How Many WordPress Plugins We Should Install

It is not good to install so many plugin, installing so many plugin will increase loading time of your blog. So it’s better to use less plugin for your loading page time.

Installing so many plugins will slow down your blog performance, because there will be so many queries from plugins to execute.

So even if you are using more than 35 WordPress Plugins. There is no way to take tension; it will not slow down your blog performance. But if you are using heavy plugins like Google XML Sitemap, Related Post Plugin, and more, this plugins will really slow down you blog performance. thus this plugins are not really necessary.

Now you are thinking new question in your mind:

Which WordPress Plugins Should I Use?


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