10 Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval with a blog

Today I’m really excited because from many days I was waiting to write a post on this topic. Before reading this post let me introduce me to you, I m Adil Khan, If you are blogger or newbie then you might have the interest to read my about page.  Let’s start the Topic “10 Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval with a New Blog“ When I was new to blogging that time I also read many posts about “How to Get Google Adsense Approval with a New Blog”. But now I make my mind to share my 2 years knowledge & experience with you.



Make sure that your blog is ready before applying Google Adsense

Especially for a new blogger, if you want to be successful in blogging then don’t use any unethical way to get Approve Google Adsense account. Only choose the right way of Approval, because many people use unethical way to approve Adsense application and they Failed, Banned and also lose Money. So Below I had mention 10 tips to get approval for Google Adsense your blog and if you follow this all tips then you would definitely get Adsense approval easily within a month. Let chase factors which will make your blog Google Adsense ready. We will discuss these factors in detail but I hope you will easily understand it.

1. Your Blog Should Have Sufficient & High-Quality Content.

Google love quality and your blog should contain more than 300 words in your every post. Content must be 100% unique if your content is unique then chance of approval increase. If you provide more content to the user, then your chance of getting approved application will increase.

2. Your Blog Must Have Sufficient Post.

Your blog must have sufficient post. Your blog must have minimum 40+ Post must be in your blog.

3. Your Blog Age should be at least 6 months old.

Especially in a country like India & China, there is the rule of 6 months old domain before applying to Adsense.

4. Apply using Top Level Domain

No subdomain, the best way is applying using root domain to get fast approval.

Right= www.yourdomain.com

Wrong= www.abc.yourdomain.com

5. Don’t use Copyrighted Images

Google just hates website that copies others material without permission. So it’s better to use Images from a free source like Flickr or get its ownership.

6. Design & Structure

It’s better to choose white background & black colour text.  Your design & Structure should be Neat, Clean and Simple.

7. Adsense Prohibited Content

Your blog should not provide content such as Adult, Copyrighted Material, Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco Related, Hacking & Cracking Content, Weapon Related Content, and Other Illegal Content.

8. Create Privacy Policy, About, Contact Page.

Google Adsense Team might check these pages, so you should add these pages to your blog such as about us, contact us, privacy policy page.

Check my about page here

9. Remove other Ads

When you are applying to Google Adsense, Remove all the ads from your blog. Don’t use other Alternatives ads or other ad network ads on the same blog.

10. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Account.

Make sure that you’re verified your site from Google Webmaster & Analytics. It’s better to complete your site verification before applying Adsense.

Submit only completely launched a website.

Make sure that you have entered valid payee name, valid address, valid URL, and Let me know in a comment what more thing you will suggest another blogger to get Google Adsense Approval. Feel free to contact me at info [at] selfblogging.com

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  1. Don’t know how much they follow their policies. I got Adsense approved with in 3 days on a blog whose domain age is 34 days, only 6 posts and 15-20 daily traffic.

  2. Is it true that the people with blogs like technology and mobiles got adsense easily than that of movies, songs and videos?

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