6 Reasons to Choose WordPress Instead of Blogger

Why you should choose WordPress instead of Blogger?

If you want to create a simple website as a personal blog or just because you feel like a habit to write then you should choose a Blogger platform which is free to use.

But if you want a professional website or blog from which you could earn money then, I always advise WordPress, because it is wonderful CMS which has thousands of Plugin to make your blog look professional, So well we will compare little blogger with WordPress.

reason to use wordpress instead blogger

6 Reasons to Choose WordPress Instead of Blogger

1. Ownership

Blogger is a blogging service offer by Google. It is free and reliable most of the time. However, your contents are not your property. Your content is the property of Google. Of course, If you want you can anytime terminate the content.

WordPress is a CMS which is a free software to make it work you need a hosting provider (One that I recommend to start is HostGator) and you can stop paying the service anytime, or change your provider. Data and the contents are all yours, and everything depends on you.

2. Control

Blogger is a platform with limited tools and depends on what things mean to do because you cannot, for example, to create an eCommerce. No way to hire more blogger service giving you, therefore no possible growth.

WordPress is free software and you can change the code to do what you want and add new features. For non-programmers, there are also available thousands of plugins (extensions of code) that allows you to generate a lot of functionality, to create an eCommerce or add forums or private areas for users, and so on.

3. Appearance

The visual design of the website blogger allows you to change colours very easily but cannot generate a specific topic with specific functions. There are free templates that you can “tune” but often low-quality templates.

WordPress now has thousands of free templates and templates payment that convert your website into a newspaper, a magazine, a portfolio of a photographer or virtually any application in which you are thinking of a professional website.

WordPress Themes



4. Portability

Although Blogger allows you to migrate the content in some cases can cause problems, why contents blogger has not yet can stay in a while. A blogger migration generates positioning problems if you want to switch to a professional website and take the contents. But it’s never too late if that is good…

WordPress is yours with its contents, can move anywhere with the tools they have built, and although clue database (WordPress works with MySql) cannot have is really easy to migrate and move the contents.

5. Security

Blogger is a product of Google so you’re completely safe.

With WordPress, this is not true because it is your own website and therefore you yourself are responsible for security, but there are plugins to backup automatically, captchas and anti-spam plugins. If you install security plugins then you will not face any problems.

6. Future

Since a long time, Blogger does not have significant updates. Google Reader (feed reader) is now changing policies authorship with their avatars searches or whatever. So with blogger, you join your luck on Google and its services.

WordPress as CMS on your hosting is yours and no one else; with their contents and code modifications, you make to customise the web to what you want to do. WordPress continues to be updated (sometimes maybe even too).

Blogger and WordPress, WordPress and Blogger … The choice is yours!

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