5 Amazing Benefits Of Choosing WordPress Development For Business Sites

WordPress is progressing at a very faster rate than we could ever imagine. Already comprising 76% of the market share of all CMS platforms available, it powers about 29% of the total websites in the world. Sony Music, CNN, TechCrunch are some of the big hotshot websites that use WordPress. So the client list is long and powerful. WordPress is always the first choice for the business owners. When it comes to building a robust, secure and scalable website for your WordPress, almost everyone prefers WordPress. There are so many free and premium WordPress themes available to build any kind of business website.

Here, I am listing out eight amazing benefits of choosing WordPress for building business websites:

1.WordPress is Search Engine friendly

There are many free and open source CMS available apart from WordPress that you can use for creating the websites. But WordPress is considered the most SEO friendly CMS. The simple and highly optimized code makes the search engine spiders crawl WordPress websites easily. WordPress images have a proper description, title and meta tags ensuring a better SEO. With a better SEO, your WordPress website will rank better in the Search Engine rankings and will eventually get more visitors traffic.

That is why many inexperienced bloggers prefer WordPress because they don’t have to optimize any HTML code or do any technical SEO work. WordPress takes care of the SEO itself. Then there are many SEO plugins in WordPress like Yoast SEO and All in one pack SEO which further enhances the visibility of your website in the search engine. Business owners need their websites to rank better for their own profit, hence WordPress is the ideal solution for them.

2. WordPress has responsive web design

With the advent of smartphones, more and more people are using their mobiles and tablets to browse the web, directly means that many of them would like to access WordPress via their phones. WordPress has tens and thousands of themes which are responsive to mobile and other handheld devices. You can edit posts on your WordPress blog, update items, add files, all through your smartphone. Also, there are many WordPress themes available which are responsive to any screen size.

WP Mobile Touch plugin is one plugin that enables WordPress to have a responsive design on any smartphone. There are frameworks like Genesis that makes the WordPress theme responsive. Also, if you have knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP you can create your own responsive theme. Being responsive is very important because if your website is not responsive then it won’t become popular among most of the users and will affect your business.

3. Plugins available for almost anything

Plugins are software that is integrated with your WordPress website to add many exciting and useful functionalities. There is a WordPress plugin for every feature you could think of. Backing up all your files and images we have WP Time Capsule. To upload compressed images, we have WP Smush. There are plugins to increase SEO performance like Yoast SEO. The presence of these plugins makes WordPress a popular choice among the users.

You can also develop your own plugin if you have knowledge of software development. These plugins make your website or blog more functional and more appealing to the users. From collecting emails to creating infographics, WordPress has a plugin for almost every function possible. Not every plugin is mandatory to download but at least the basic ones like backup, security, SEO are necessary.

4. WordPress is highly secure

WordPress core software is highly reliable as it is audited by developers and is updated about 80 times every day. WP Time Capsule is a plugin used to backup all your data in case of an attack. Then there are plugins for WordPress security like iThemes Security and WordFence which scans the website for any virus infection. There are plugins which check that the premium WordPress themes we downloaded is authentic or not. Plugins like CodeGuard is used for scanning such purposes. Also, there is an interesting fact, in 2014, due to a leak of 5 million Google accounts, WordPress reset 100,000 passwords to secure its users.

It is very difficult to hack WordPress. Moreover, WordPress has excellent User Management guide. You can give access to different users at different levels without compromising with your website’s security. Like, a writer can’t edit plugins and a visitor can’t write posts.

5. WordPress is highly scalable

WordPress is highly scalable, means that irrespective of the number of contents added by you, the increase of traffic witnessed, your WordPress website will offer the right optimum functionality to you. There would be no issue like website crashing, some plugins not responding or visitors traffic being limited. WordPress is highly scalable, and that is the reason why big firms like CNN and Sony Music use WordPress. This feature makes WordPress the first choice among business owners.

There are many themes that are supporting many big websites like that of Sony Music. Every blogger starts small in the beginning. From shared hosting to dedicated hosting and moving the domain name, WordPress offers all the scalability that we need. Also, with an increase in the content of the website with time, we need more disk space. We can increase the SSD space also. That is why such big websites have been hosted on the WordPress platform.


These were a few and most important benefits that you get when you choose WordPress development for your business website. Whether you have a startup business which is just starting out or a significant scale enterprise business, WordPress has the answer for everything. Foremost, the most basic advantage of using WordPress for your business website is its ease of use. It doesn’t matter that you have knowledge of coding and development or not, WordPress is very easy to install and learn. These benefits are for the long run, and you will never regret the decision of choosing WordPress.

Naveen is Digital Marketer by Profession, Blogger By Passion and kind by nature. He is working with JoomDev – A Leading premium Joomla Template and WordPress Theme development company in India. Apart from this, he loves to research and convert new ideas into reality.

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