Best WordPress SEO Plugin to Improve Ranking

Many bloggers think that publishing article to their blog will generate revenue, but they forget one important thing that is SEO. We all know that SEO is hard nowadays but in WordPress, there are lots of free and premium plugins.

So in this list, I have added some of the Best WordPress SEO Plugin which would help to get traffic to your blog and improve your ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. As compare to Free Plugins there are some Premium plugins that have more feature and advantages like EasyWPSEO. EasyWPSEO is better ways to optimise keyword of your blog post instead of Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin.

You don’t have to install all plugins but I would suggest you to choose which is suitable for your blog. If there are any WordPress SEO plugins which I have to forget to write then feel free to contact me. I would love to review & add it below.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins for your Blog

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast is a one of the best free WordPress SEO Plugin. I highly recommend it to choose to get higher ranking in search engine. SelfBlogging also use Yoast SEO Plugin to increase ranking. It is all in one plugin which provides you lots of features in no cost. Here are some features that Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin provides:

  • Social, Tag and Category SEO.
  • Easily Add Meta Value.
  • You can Add Sitemap.
  • Feature to Edit Robot.txt and more.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Social SEO Pro

Social SEO Pro is a latest wordpress plugin which helps you to increase your traffic coming from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter & more. After using Social SEO Pro plugin to my blog my Social traffic increase my 17% in one month.  Social SEO Pro Add this Features in your blog:

  • Add Google Authorship.
  • Twitter Meta Card.
  • Open Graph Tag and more.

 Social SEO Pro

SEO Friendly Images

This plugin automatically add alt tag and title tag to your all images of your blog. Which will help to get traffic from image search engines, I would like say to add this plugin only If you not added alt & title tag to your images.  Let’s see example below how this plugin works.


In a post titled WordPress Plugin there is a picture named SEO.jpg

Setting alt attribute to “%name %title” will produce alt=”SEO WordPress Plugin”

Setting title attribute to “%name photo” will produce title=”SEO photo”

SEO Friendly Images

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is one of the best wordpress plugin to check whether your site has broken link or not. It will help you to check internal & external broken link. It is also known as 404 links. This links are nothing but dead end for search engines like Google and Bing. So it’s highly recommended by me to you to remove this kind of links to improve your search engine ranking.

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin:

Feel free to contact me via comment, if you know more plugins. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends.

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