How To Create Your Own Blog

In this post, you are going learn how to create your own blog and I will guide you step by step process from getting your WordPress blog online and to customising your WordPress blog. In short, I will teach you how to create a blog.

So Let’s Start

Time to complete this process: 80 Minutes

Total Cost: Under $100

How To Create Your Own Blog

How to Quickly Create Your Own Blog in WordPress

Step by Step: Getting Your WordPress Blog Online

You will need 3 things to run your own blog.

1. Domain

2. Hosting

3. WordPress

Step 1: Registering a Domain Name for your Blog

Before registering a domain name for your blog, you should decide a unique name that should describe your blog. While registering a domain name keep these points in mind: Domain must be Descriptive, Unique and Short, for example, is about How to Blog. I will suggest you register a .com domain because it is so popular & easy to remember.

To Register a Domain name for your blog, you have to go to GoDaddy. It is a best domain name provider in the world and it offers you to register a domain name for less than $10 per year.

  • Register a Domain Name on GoDaddy.

Step 2: Hosting your Blog

If you want to see your blog live, then you have to host it on a server like HostGator. You have to buy some space on the server to keep your files on it. I personally use HostGator and I Recommend to you because it is affordable & secure hosting also provide 24/7 support. And the best thing I like is they allow you to install WordPress in one click and they don’t even charge for it.

Step 3: Connecting Domain Name & Hosting

Connecting Domain name & Hosting Together is just a simple process; you will need Name Server to connect them together. After purchasing hosting from Bluehost you will get 2 Name Server in your email from Bluehost team.

You have to login into GoDaddy, and Edit your domain setting after login inside. Then enter your 2 Name Server provided by Bluehost in Name Servers Address, and then connecting domain name & hosting together will be successfully done.

Step 4: Installing WordPress on your Hosting

In this step you have to login in your Hosting CPanel (Control Panel), then Click on Quick Install:-> Install WordPress; you are done! Now you have lived your blog on the internet.

Step by Step: Customizing your WordPress Blog

Step 1: Selecting a Theme for your Blog

In WordPress, There are more than 1,00000 Themes (Templates), there are many free themes but you know free means sacrifice from some features. I suggest you buy premium themes at a small cost.Go to Elegant Themes. There are various types of themes and you should buy only one theme for your blog and install then on your WordPress Blog.

To install Premium Theme you have to login into WordPress Dashboard, then click on Appearance. Click on Themes, and then Click on Upload, after uploading a theme you have to activate it.

Step 2: Installing Essential Plugin

Plugin plays an important role in WordPress and there are more than thousand’s of Plugin available. There are most of free and some are paid. But when you are starting your blog you will not need to be paid Plugin. So I suggest you install free WordPress Plugin like for SEO: Yoast is Best Plugin.

Step 3: Creating Menu

If you want to create a menu like Home, about and Contact us in the header of your blog, then you have to login into WordPress dashboard then click on Appearance and then menu, and you are done!

Step 4: Managing Widget (Sidebar & Footer)

Here you can add, remove and edit on sidebar and footers (Widgets). Some themes also allow you to customise header widget. To Manage Widget you have to go to Dashboard and click on Appearance and click on Widget.

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  1. My dear Adil, I reached to your blog from IndiBlogger, and really like it. Honestly I will suggest you one thing, you will soon become an expert blogger, if you will read your own blog once before publishing it. I hope you won’t take this comment as a negative one but you must need to check some spelling mistakes types of thing over here….

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  2. Nice post. Did this some 2 years ago and should say this post is very detailed and very useful for everyone who wants to have their own blog.

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