How to get 1000+ Visitors to your next blog post

When you spend hours to write a quality blog post and after you publish your content. You just expect that you will get thousands of visitors, hundreds of comments, & some social shares. But you get only some spam comments to show your hard work.

Don’t worry, you are not alone! There are many blogger in the world facing this problem.

Why nobody is interested to visit your blog

You cannot attract visitor on basis of quality content. To attract daily visitor to your blog post you have to do proper promotion on various platform. Just sharing your blog post to Facebook & Twitter is not enough.

If you have quality & informative content then why wait for visitor to find you. Following are some ways to attract visitors to your next blog post.

Basic Ways to Attract Thousands of Visitors to your Next Blog Post.

Share your Blog Post on Twitter

Twitter Profile

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media, it has millions of users. If you want relevant user on your blog then make your post go viral.

  • Make use of proper hash tags and not more than 3.
  • Add Images with your tweets, they attract more visitors.
  • You can also mention niche bloggers or influencers to retweet your blog post.

Share your Blog Post on Facebook

facebook post

  • Create your Facebook page & then share your every post on your page.
  • Whenever you share new post always attach quality image in it.
  • Use 2-3 Hashtag with it. But do not use more than 3 hash tag
  • Join Facebook group which related to your niche and share your every blog post.

Share your Blog Post on LinkedIn

linkedin shared post

  • Create Your Personal Profile & Share every blog post on it.
  • Before you share your blog post, make sure you add quality & Informative image.
  • Join relevant group to your niche and then share your blog post in that group.

Share your Blog Post on Google+

google plus share post

  • Share your every new blog post on your Google + profile.
  • Create your page on Google+, share blog post on page and increase your follower.
  • Make sure that you use relevant hashtags.
  • Start joining relevant Google+ Communities and start sharing your blog post. These communities will help you to drive huge traffic.

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Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites

  • Pinterest

Create your profile on Pinterest, then create a board relevant to your blog post and add pins & submit your blog post link & description. <LINK>

  • Reddit

Submit your blog post title and link, Make sure that you choose proper subreddit.<LINK>

  • StumbleUpon

Add a page on StumbleUpon, place your post link & add unique description. also choose proper categories, it will help you to drive traffic to your blog.<LINK>

  • Delicious

Delicious is also quite successful social bookmarking sites. you just have to add link, place relevant tags and submit.<LINK>

  • Scoop it

You should Submit your next blog Post to 20-25 top Scoop.<LINK>

You should also submit your next blog post to top blogging communities to get fast traffic to your blog.


This all methods are tested by me if you start doing this method from your next post. then soon you will see an increase in your blog traffic.

Do let us know about any method I miss to write in above post.

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  1. Hi Adil Khan,
    Really interesting article! The goal of every blogger is to get 1000+ traffic to their blog first time!
    It’s not matter to get this amount of traffic to their next post, if they work hard!
    Yes, content is always king. That’s why one of my post ” Increase blog traffic- 10 surefire ways” got much attention by readers. Here, we should create quality content to engage readers.

    * Share your views about ( What’s the result?
    However, Keep it up!
    Welcome to my blog! Bookmarked!

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