Increase Adsense Revenue: Secret Tips Revealed

As we all know, Google Adsense is one of the best advertisement program for bloggers. Earlier we have see basic guide to create Google Adsense account. Now we will see some basic & secret tips to increase Google Adsense revenue. But before we start always keep in mind that you don’t break Adsense policies by asking somebody or encouraging others to click on your ads.

There are many important things which are helpful to increase Adsense revenue such as High Paying Keyword, Type of ad, ad size & color and also displaying fewer ads can increase your Adsense revenue. Whenever you are doing keyword research for a high paying keyword then keep focus on CPC column because high CPC keyword is good to boost your revenue.

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So let’s start our secret tips one by one which will definitely boost our Adsense income.

Secret Tips to Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue

Size of Ad

The most popular size of ad is rectangle and the Leaderboard but other ad size are also good but in my experience this two ad size are giving high CPC & CTR. For your blog I would like to prefer these two ad size which will definitely boost your income:

  • 300 * 250 = Rectangle
  • 728 * 90 = Leaderboard

Location of Ad

Location of ad also matters most of the time and if you are displaying ads on proper location then there is chance to increase CTR. Place your 1st ad  above the post which will blend with your blog design and 2nd ad  below the post which will also blend into the blog design, 3rd ad  on right side widget which is standard format.

I place my Adsense Ad Code on these three locations:

  • Ad 1 (728 * 90) = above the post.
  • Ad 2 (728 * 90) = below the post.
  • Ad 3 (300 * 250) = right widget

Target US & UK Traffic

Your Adsense Revenue get boost when you get traffic from search engine and it will be great if you get traffic from high paying countries for one click like U.S & UK or brazil.  I got $2 for one click on my ad; click was done by Brazil.

Adsense Earning Brazil one click

Type of Ad

Many blogger choose only image ad and block the text ad to increase their revenue but this ways is wrong to increase revenue, it will decrease eCPM. So it’s better to use both ad types.

Show less Ads

Many new blogger thinks that if we show more ads then there is higher chance to get more clicks but it’s not valuable because it will decrease your CPC. Only show 2-3 ads on your blog and Adsense already has rule of not to display more than 3 ads.

You need to do experiment on your blog to increase Google Adsense revenue and make sure that you make changes carefully.

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Do lets us know in comment section is there any tip I forgot to add in this post. If you like, share with your blogger friends.

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  1. That a good post, when using adsense ads, make sure not to put too many ads and also blend ads with template and post on the most visited areas of your blog. Keep doing good work.

  2. Yes, i am agree with this article many people think that putting more ads on site will create more money but it is wrong.If anyone wants money from ads he has to follow the Google Ad sense policies and rules to generate money from ads.

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