How to Increase Alexa Rank: Powerful Tips

We all know, Alexa ranking is important to get direct advertisement for our blog. And it also helps us to increase search engine ranking. Many newbie search for term “How to increase Alexa Rank Fast”. But they don’t get genuine tips to boost their ranking, if you want to get increase your blog or website ranking. Then read these powerful tips, which will show you some fast methods which will genuinely boost your Alexa ranking.

How to Increase Alexa Rank Powerful Tips

First of all I recommend you to install the Alexa toolbar to control daily what position you have. You can download it at the following link: Alexa Toolbar.

There are versions for almost all browsers. I have added it in Google Chrome and I am glad because every website / blog I visit I find quickly the position in the ranking.


Powerful Tips to increase Alexa Ranking

Write Regularly

For a while I admit that I became passionate watching every day what position occupied my blog. Interestingly I discovered that if I updated my blog lost positions. The more you update your blog more going up, so if you are writing every day you will see that you are improving your position. It is also true that you are the higher ranking again have to upgrade. It means that if you are up you are competing with real monsters on the internet blogs or website that updated daily and even more than once. Do not expect to see big jumps daily position that does not usually happen.

Leave comments on other blogs

Comments in most blogging platforms turn into backlinks, so it is a good reason to comment on blog of others. This is also good for the blogosphere because we always write on our blog post “Welcome to comment us”.

Just do not try to leave stupid comments like many people do, try to comment on articles that you have read and that you are part of the blogs that you usually visit regularly.

Share on Social Network

If you write regularly and leave comments on other blog or website you will see that slowly but surely get more traffic. If you also share your content on social network’s all get additional traffic, because this way to promote your article viralize lot. By sharing on social network you will see fast increase in Alexa rank.

Directory Submission

Doing Directory submission you will see boost increase in Alexa ranking. You will have to submit your blog or website link to popular directories. Before submitting your blog link make sure that you check that particular directory ranking, don’t submit on down ranking directories.


As you see, improve the position in the ranking of Alexa has a lot to do with SEO. In fact there who uses it as an indicator tool positioning of a blog or website and as a guide to the popularity of it. Some people do not give importance to Alexa ranking because no accurate statistics shows and do not see much use.

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  1. Saloni Fashions says: February 2, 2015 at 8:05 am

    I was just want to know that how can we increase our Alexa ranking. I got your link from Facebook. it’s really helpful Keep it up !

  2. Nice Post Adil, Really Liked the post. I was looking for an article to increase the comments on my blog. These wonderful tips will definitely help me to get comments on my blog.

  3. Nice article Adil.
    But there are more ways by which you can improve alexa rank and you should discuss those as well. May be you may look to update your post.

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