5 Ultimate Tips to Increase Page Rank

Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm, which is used by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Here I will help you to learn how to increase page rank easily.



Search engines like Google and Bing usually make the calculation of how many links are pointing to your website, and after checking links they assign a rank to your website between 1/10.  For new bloggers, Page Rank is also known as PR. Let’s see how to increase Page Rank.

How to Increase Page Rank of your Blog

Write Genuine Content

While Writing Content you should note that you are writing content for a visitor not for bots. You should maintain the quality of your content, you must write your own content don’t copy other’s content. You should update content regularly that reader wants to share with their friends.


Create Quality Backlink

Creating Backlink is not an easy task nowadays. But I have a solution for you; Keep these 3 points in your mind before creating Backlink.

  1. Check Quality of website
  2. Check Page Rank of website
  3. Check Alexa Rank of Website

There are many ways to create Backlink for your site but if you want to increase page rank then you might have to take this task seriously.

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Commenting is a very easy way to get quality Backlink. For new bloggers Commenting means you have to comments on other blogs and submit your website link on their comment form. So in this way, you will get easily Backlink and we know that it is hard to approve nowadays but don’t comment like “thanks”, “Nice Post”, only comment in a genuine way. By following this way you get higher chance to increase your page rank.

Make use of Different Tags

Many bloggers forget to optimise their blog post so don’t forget to make use of tags. Tags play a high role in increasing page rank and also help you to get traffic to your blog. So there are many factors in Tag. I will tell you some main tags below:

  1. Heading tag
  2. Alt Tag
  3. Meta Keyword Tag
  4. Meta Description Tag
  5. Title Tag

Submit your blog

Submit your blog or website to different article directories and web directories. It will boost your page rank and also it is the best way to get high-quality Backlink.

These are some High-Quality Site:

  1. DMOZ
  2. YAHOO
  3. EZINE Articles
  4. Article Base

Hope you enjoy reading my blog post and if you have any query then feel free to contact me in the comment box. don’t be selfish like & share my post with your friends.

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