Concept of Making Money Online by Blogging

Here I am only going to talk about the concept of making money online by blogging. Making money by blogging is very easy ways in the online world but if you want to become successful in blogging then read my secret concept of making money blogging in an easy way.

Making Money Online by Blogging

The most important thing in blogging is “Taking Blogging as a Serious Business”. So I would suggest you take blogging as a serious business such as your government job not only me but also many other professional bloggers will suggest you same.

Time has come up to reveal the secret concept, so if you can’t take this concept seriously then don’t read below post. So let’s start concept.


So here we start we make money blogging guide and this all 6 point are very important like a pillar of the building, without this your blogging building cannot build or without these basic points you cannot go ahead. So it’s better to understand and keep all this point in your mind.

[Basic Guide] How to Make Money Blogging

We are going to discuss in brief about this 6 point which is important to make money online and without wasting time I would tell you that this all point is to learn how to craft a post and Make Money online.



Reading is my hobby and before you write a post you should read & get complete knowledge about your post topic. If you don’t have any information on a particular topic then it’s very hard to write a post. So I would prefer you to read before you write a post.


Writing is very difficult to work for me, but to earn money I have to write a post and  while writing keeps in mind some important tips:

Tips for Writing a Post

  • Write your important points in Heading.
  • Make your post-SEO Friendly.
  • Don’t repeat same words (such as “Don’t use same words) try to use different words?.
  • Make sure you write a neat & clean post.
  • Make use of Bold, Italic & Underline.



Before publishing your post I have mentioned below some important points which would help your blog post to get more visitor and increase search engine ranking.

Don’t click on PUBLISH Button! Check this

  • Read Twice Your Post Before Publishing.
  • Check Grammar Mistakes.
  • If you are using WordPress then make use of featured image.
  • Write Proper Meta Title & Description.
  • Make Use of Internal Link which will help you to increase page views of your blog.


After publishing post next task is to share your post to social networking sites. Try to share your post to High PR Social Networking sites.  I always share my published post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, I submit the post to Digg and more.


After sharing post next turn is of commenting on others blog to get backlink. But it’s not easy to get backlink because blog admin don’t approve easily. but best genuine way I have to get backlink when you read any post then comment on the post give your backlink to them. Also try to comment on Facebook groups, post.


Everyone wants to make money and there are many ways of making money through blogging. The best way to monetize your blog is Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing. I prefer to you use Adsense because it is product of Google.

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