How to promote a blog – 10 Ideas that work

One of the main challenge every blogger have to face is that how to promote a blog.

It is very easy to write an article about what you like and passionate, but it is very difficult to get people (your audience) cares.

It has happened many i have posted a super extensive and useful article, only to discover that nobody cares.  I’ll show you 10 ways to promote your blog, which I have used almost entirely, and so when you finish reading this article, you can start attracting the audience that deserves your blog.

How to promote a blog

10 Smartest Ways to Promote a Blog

1. Create catchy titles

The best way that people clicked in the articles of your blog (both social networks, search engine result) is creating catchy titles. For that, you just have to describe the main benefit of the contents of your blog at the same time you have to use the right words. For example, look at the title of this article, “10 Ways to Promote Your Blog”. Does it describe the main benefit? Yes. This title tells you that if you read this article, you will learn 10 ways to promote your blog, something super important for every blogger and entrepreneur. Do you use the right words? Yes, because it is concrete. Read the title well: 10 Ways. It is specific, is descriptive (as well said before), and it is interesting to click. Seek him that angle to your articles, and you will see how improving your traffic.

2. Use original or descriptive images

The images are a great complement to the articles. The more Interactive and Original your blog, better. I, in the articles of my blog, I can always use images to describe what I say. Especially in my tutorials. Although I recognize that no use as many pictures as I wanted (I’m a bit lazy, what you going to do?), It is important to make it as interesting and addictive as possible the article. The images meet that goal.

3. Links to other bloggers

It’s important to create relationships with other bloggers. This is something that will repeat throughout this article. Relationships matter and much. A great way to build relationships, is linking to other bloggers in your articles, and advising you did. The goal is simply to know you, nothing more. If after this blogger share your content, thank you, or does something unexpected, is another matter.

4. Create a list of influencers

The influencers are people who are famous and respected within a specific niche. For example, Darren Rowse is one of the key influencers in the world of blogging such as Harsh Agrawal in the world of how to blog and online marketing. These people have thousands of followers on their social networking accounts, which mean they have a powerful community. So if one of these influencers arrived to share your content on social networks or on your site, you would get a big promotion at no cost. But to achieve this, first you have to know who they are. I doubt that you know them all. So you have to do is create an Excel list, and list all you know influencers in your niche. Then begins to expand as you go finding new influencers.

5. Interview with these influencers

With the list you created earlier, Contact and interview those influencers who think most fit your blog, and your audience. This is not difficult; you just have to contact them respectfully through your email account. Then with the interview done, ask them to share it with their followers and fans. Either way, the goal is not only receiving traffic from his followers and fans but create a friendly relationship with this person.

6. Comment on other blogs

Comments on blogs which are popular. Most people think of as a way to get links to help rank. However, comments met with a lot of features that most do not imagine, and they are very important to promote your blog:

The feedback helps to create a relationship with the blogger in question
Comments help to make yourself known within the community or niche
The reviews will add natural profile links your site
The key is to always provide value. If you’re going to comment, think that what you say will bring something of value to the conversation, and not just something simple like a “What a great article!” And nothing more.

7. Share the content of your blog through social networks

An obvious question for those who are familiar in the world of social networks: share your content on social networks, and make sure you do it often, without spam. For example, if you published an article recently on your blog, you should do the following:

On Twitter, you try to share more than once your article to make sure your followers will see

On Facebook, do it once, and nothing more. If you want the effect lasts longer, do promotion through Facebook Ads (something I recommend in special cases)

On LinkedIn, share on relevant professional groups to your blog (only applicable on blogs with a professional profile)

In Google Plus, do the same thing on Facebook

Obviously, these are very basic tips. But never forget to provide value to your audience, and it will find it helpful. Not try to sell them anything, and that’s a big no in the world of social networking.

8. Increase “virality” of your content

The “viral” is defined by the number of times that a certain piece of content is shared on social networks. If, for example, you were to make an article of your blog is tweeted over 100 times, and you get more than 100 “likes” you could say that your article was viral (obviously, these numbers are totally random and subjective). The virality of your blog would help it get a lot of publicity for free without much effort. The “viralization” is more an art than a science since there are a countless number of tactics and strategies that help viral a piece of content. It is not easy viral a piece of content, but some of the most common ways to do this are:

  • Using catchy titles (see point # 1)
  • Using mood
  • Using controversy
  • Using something surprising or shocking

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9. Create a group of LinkedIn

If your blog aimed at professionals, a great way to promote it is through LinkedIn. On one hand, you could simply promote your items into different groups belonging to the industry or niche of your profession. But a better way to do this task is to create a specific group.

10. Create a Facebook page

The Facebook pages (also known as the “fan pages”) are an extremely important channel for promoting a blog. The key to correctly use your Facebook page is to think that is another place apart, with only one rule you should follow: interact with your fans. Obviously, the challenge is to achieve just that. However, if you use them well, you get attract many people who not only read your blog but are fans of it.

Now it’s your turn

Wow, I imagine you must be overloaded with the amount of information you just read 🙂 They are many ways to promote your blog, right? I guess you do not know from where to start. Many of these tactics could now apply the same without much problem, others may take you longer. In any case, do not stand idly by and do nothing. The time is now to promote your blog, so do this exercise I say: I choose only 3 of the tactics of promotion you’ve just read, and apply them now. As simple as that. 3 tactics, nothing more. Apply them, and then tell me in the comments how it went. Good luck promoting your blog!

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  1. Thanks for sharing information. I usually do all things except that virality and linkedIn group thing. This two things are really new for me. I will apply this two things now to grow traffic towards my blog.

    Thank you.

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