Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In 2018 – Made Easy

Are you the one amongst those who have tried everything and still failed to get a good traffic figure for their blog? Are you aware of latest SEO techniques in 2018 to boost up a blogs’ ranking? To answer these queries and many other such related questions, keep yourself tuned to this article to learn something really serious about Search Engine Optimization in 2018.

Search Engine Optimization is the most powerful tool for a blogger because it isn’t only a conventional requirement out of the slug but a mandatory thing for a blog to grow. A fully SEO optimized blog is the one, loved by Google and other search engines. Here within this article, we are about to reveal some of the most important trends and behaviors that are being experienced by us in 2018, relating the SEO of a blog or a website. In our previous article we have discussed an important topic, visit The Essence of Blogging for more info.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In 2018

Seo has been made easy for those who are always with some striking ideas and an innovative way to express their thoughts. The points below would further discuss what a blogger should do to get a good amount of traffic and a healthy rank for Alexa.

Updating Your Blog/Website:

Yes, updating is the most important thing, what we have experienced in our some recent projects, that updating solely can bring a good visitor to your blog or website if it’s done by keeping in mind that “Content is King”. SEO optimized blogs are although appreciated by search engines and are preferred over such nonoptimized projects, but SEO for a content that is updated rarely or occasionally is like chasing a dead end. So in a nutshell, updating your blog regularly or on daily basis is like bringing a life to your project.

Do Not Get Into Too Many SEO Complications:

Although learning new SEO tricks and behaviors of SERP’s toward it would be a good idea to boost up a blog’s rank but it has been experienced, that a mixture of too many things done with SEO and experimentation usually results in a failure for a blog. Keep your ongoing project simple and if it’s continuously getting a reasonable amount of traffic which is increasing gradually, then nothing much is needed to be done here, Just keep going and see your Alexa rank declining.

Write On Your Own:

There are many places to hire writers for you, like Fiverr and Freelancer etc, but they may provide you written content that you are unaware to get through, as it’s lacking in interlinking and the desired density of SEO keywords that is a requirement from the perspective of modern SEO. Another problem that may arise, and which can’t be neglected in a long run is, you will get away from the habit of writing and when you are supposed to write, blunders would be there. So keep on writing, and skills would come in an automated way.

On-Page SEO Factors:

On-Page SEO is a significant way to have some apparent increase in traffic if done properly. On-Page optimization is one the part of modern day SEO that can’t be ignored if you are passionate about getting some good hits on a blog or website. On-Page optimization doesn’t really signify an interlinked content, but a keyword rich article as well. Keyword rich doesn’t mean, stuffing your content with phrases to be ranked, but a suitable density 3-6% of targetted terms or keywords is quite ok. Further there exist some plugins like “All In One SEO Pack” and “Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin” which are enough to enter a good “Meta Description” for your posts.

Off-Page SEO Factors:

Off-Page SEO is not solely about building a backlink chains. I do not consider the number of backlinks as a sole factor to determine the off-page optimization of a website, rather it’s much more than that. Some tips and suggestions, that might come handy, are given below.

  1. Guest posting on quality blogs, websites, forums.
  2. Forum backlinks.
  3. Links generated from constructive comments.
  4. Directory Submission is no more useful, so avoid it…..
  5. Above all, social media existence and respective fan pages.

Conclusive Points:

By the end, it can be concluded that SEO in 2018 is not much difficult to learn if a person is devoted and passionate about it. Our suggestion is to keep your optimization techniques simple and don’t make you blog a mixture of SEO experimentation. Keep it simple and if you see, a growing up traffic, then it shows everything is alright and nothing extraordinary s required to be done.

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