The Essence of Blogging – Time Management Is The Key

Over the time its has been proved that, blogging is not merely all about dispatching something that comes in your mind, but a blog is a combination of multiple and variant ideas, innovation, SEO knowledge, inspiration and finally a committed approach.

Yes, In this article there is something pertinent, that is to be revealed about blogging, so stay intact, as there is nothing better than one’s personal experience and here I am about to disclose what i have learned over the time to excel by blogging skills. You might get shocked when it’s about a fact that around 90% or more of the newbie bloggers just quit, as they do not get what this field is actually all about.


The Essence of Blogging – Time Management Is The Key

So, titles below would categorize what a blogger should do right from the start to keep his/her blogging career on the right road. As title suggests, this article is about the “Essence of blogging” But singular phrase doesn’t really signify, a striking point ti discover a Gold mine. But there is a Pandora Box, which is in fact a combination of different particulars which a blogger and a blog, must to have.

Time Management:

We have heard that “Time Management is The Key To Success” yes we have, But we usually do not get this term in its literal sense. For blogging time management is something that can’t be neglected, and if you do, its would hurt your business quite badly. So a managed schedule might come handy if it’s about handling a time distribution between your job and blogging.

Still, there exist two type of bloggers, one those who want to keep up with there website or a blog after having some spare hours from regular job, other one’s are those who choose blogging as a profession for earning some bucks online. I personally support the second class, as its reflecting the slug who is representing some serious attitude toward their business. I myself being a full time blogger can declare it with confidence that, blogging is not a cup of tea for those who wish to earn out of it while having an existing regular job on the board. And that is the reason, you have rarely found any part-time blogging success story.

Nevertheless, even its spared for holidays or weekends, blogging is a way to excel your writing skills.

Never To Put ” All Eggs In A Single Basket:

A billionaire saying is “Don’t Put All Eggs In One Basket”. For a pro blogger its highly recommended, never to put your all in a project, while it is your first experience. Yes, initial mistakes are mandatory and that might you lead to Google penalty, which is there to categorize material on content’s standard. But learning from mistakes is the thing which is ever being loved by bloggers.

No one was born perfect, and no professional blogger could escape the mistakes and it is an endless field and there is a lot more to be learned every day. So starting up with a little investment, playing with multiple ideas learning up the behaviour of 2-3 blogs is a better way to get started.


Inspiration And Motivation In Blogging:

Inspiration is what i love about success, It leads you to an immaculate result card and nothing succeeds like a success. Tracking, analyzing and evaluating a blogs activity is an important way to make a start for you in this business. I do not feel shy when i say, from a newbie to a pro blogger, i got inspirations from many local and foreign blogs, who kept up the good work and i got their strategy.

But, never ever to copy the content, Yes that makes you the most never wanted person on the internet. Copying would result in a lack of confidence inside you and a success would be temporary, finally a collapse for the business.

Inside A Blog:

Further, a successfull blog is a combination of multiple things, and the most important aspects that must be taken into consideration are, SEO, Content and User Engagement.

Search Engine optimization was initially, never a part from blogging, but with the passage of time, we came to conclusion that, Google loves an optimized blog. Hence considering the on-page and off-page SEO is like a mandatory clause for this profession.

Content is the King, Yes it is. But i rather say, Unique Content is The King. Uniqueness in idea, concept and a piece of writing is something that is always being appreciated by viewers and search engines as well.

About user engagement, i would suggest a social media linkage, user engagement by considering the on page-SEO and answer to Email/comments queries is something this is to be taken into consideration.

Dedication & Commitment:

Have you ever seen any successful blogger writing a stuff occasionally..? Never. Dedication and commitment are the particulars that could solely bring the success doors open for you. So be committed and try to discover the hidden secrets of blogging, and once you get familer, all would be running smoothly with time.

Conclusive Points:

Blogging could be your cup of tea, if it’s done with a passionate approach. Success lies with consistent and a struggle in a right direction and an experience itself is the best teacher to teach what should you do and what is like a sin in this profession of blogging. Essence of blogging is Time management and Dedication towards your business, and that is pretty much achievable if you keep the striking clauses pointed out in the article above.

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