6 Tips for Blogger to Increase your Productivity

No need to intro this post because title explains everything. But for those who don’t understand: here I had written some tips for you to increase your productivity. Means if you are feeling lazy or bored from blogging, trying you complete your work but thing are not getting done by time then I am sure you will definitely become productive after reading this post.

Tips for Blogger to Increase Your Productivity

Tips to Increase your Productivity: Blogger Need to Know

Write “To Do” List

“TO DO” List helps you to remind what task you have to complete. It helps you to organize your task from start to end. Try to keep focus on one thing at a time, don’t do multitasking.

How to Write “To Do” List

  • Take a Paper & Pen
  • Write down your task which you have to do today.
  • First write important task and then less important task.
  • After completing one task mark it as done!

Start your morning from most important thing

Interesting thing is that we are more productive in morning than any other time; you should complete your most important first in morning, if you not waste your energy on just checking analytics, email, Facebook and other social media. I would like to suggest you to start your morning with writing a post; matter is to complete the work at the start of day.

Stop checking your earning, stats & emails

If you are wasting your productivity in checking your Adsense earning and affiliate earning or checking every 10 minutes Google Analytics / WordPress stats then you are just spending your precious energy on wrong things instead spend your energy to improve your stats or to increase your earnings.

Stay away from Distraction

While working you have to keep distance with thing which distracts your mind. Many top blogger suggest that things like T.V, Games, and Mobile are most distracting thing which interrupts your work. If you are working from home, keep your room separate and tell your family members not to disturb you while working.

Don’t check social media every 5 minutes

Many newbie spend hours on social media, especially on Facebook. Don’t allow Facebook to waste your time instead of wasting time. Always open social media only 2 times in a day (after breakfast & after dinner). By doing this you will save energy & become productive for long.

Stop Reading & Take Action

Reading, Reading & Reading, how many articles will you read. Many blogger waste their time in reading. It is good to read but don’t spend many hours on reading articles instead start implementing thing which you know.

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Do Let us know what tips will you suggest to other bloggers to become more productive blogger, Comment below!

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  1. Amar Thakur says: March 27, 2015 at 12:34 pm

    Hi Adil,
    I am new in blogging, just started my blog few months back. This article is really helpful for me.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Site Above Solutions says: January 5, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    Very helpful tips! This should get by those who are always running out of things to write and are always pressured by the saying “Content is King.” Haha. Thanks for sharing!

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