7 Powerful Tips to Get more Comment on your Blog

Looking to get so many comments on your blog, but it is very hard to get the comment to the new blog. If you are a newbie and want to attract commentator’s then surely this post will help you to get more comment.

Many new bloggers think that commenting on others blog means an easy way to get a backlink. But do not comment on other blogs just to get a backlink. Instead make use of commenting to get exposure, gain more visitors and brand yourself. These all 9 powerful ways I had implemented on my blog to get more comments. so I would like to prefer you same to implement this powerful tips on your blog.

how to Get More Comment on Blog

7 Powerful Ways to Get increase Comment on your Blog

1.     Create Powerful Content

Content is King!!! If you have to get more comment on your blog then you must create a powerful & user engaging content. Content must be unique and informative, this kind of content help user to solve their query. I believe that publishing daily one quality post will increase comment on the blog, because it takes some time, “Facebook website was not built in one day! It takes the time to get a result.”

2.     Ask Question to Readers

Call to Action is best ways to get more comment on the blog, if you ask a question to your readers then there is definitely chance to get more comments. Most new bloggers even don’t ask visitors to take some action like:

  • Subscribe to blog
  • If You Like to Share this Post
  • Comment Below

Don’t be afraid that you will not get a comment, as I already tell “it takes some time” but one day you will get a large comment.

Ask this all question to your visit at the end of the post to get more comment on your blog:

  • Let me know your thought via comment.
  • Please share your point of view.
  • Do let us know in comment section if I had missed anything.

3.     Easy Commenting System

This point is very important to get an increase in your comments of your blog. If your commenting system is hard to operate, means whenever a visitor is coming to comment on your blog and if your commenting system is just like BlogSpot commenting system then might be you will get less comment. If you are WordPress user then use default commenting system provided by WordPress. Make it easy to use, simple to type & submit instantly.

Get more Comment on your Blog by using CommentLuv Premium Plugin

4.     Reply to Comments

If you want to see an increase in the comment of your blog then you will need to part of it mean start to reply to comments. Whenever any commentator is replying or appreciate your work, then always thank him for commenting on your blog.

5.     Loading Speed of Blog

Every visitor like fast loading blog or website, if your blog speed is fast then your search engine ranking will also increase. Nobody will comment on a blog which is slow in loading, if you are WordPress user then I would prefer you to install W3 Total Cache Plugin on your blog to load your blog in speed.

6.     Comment on other blogs

This is a very easy task to increase your blog comment. You just have to comment on other blogs which are related to your niche. When you will comment on another blog, surely blog admin will visit your blog to moderate your comment.

7.     Build Relationships with other bloggers

The most important thing is to build relationships with other bloggers to increase comment on your blog. It’s easy & more beneficial to your blog. It will increase comment more over plus point is you will get more exposure & more traffic.

Some ways to build a relationship with other bloggers:

  • Follow other bloggers on social network like- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more
  • Comment on their blog.
  • Place their article link in your blog post.
  • Share their article on your property.

Do let us know if I missed any point to get more comment on the blog. Tell me by commenting below.

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