Top 10 Blogging Mistakes That Can Harm Your Blog

This post is especially for new bloggers to avoid blogging mistakes which many newbies make. So here I write Top 10 Blogging Mistakes that can harm your blog. 2 years ago when I was a newbie that time I also make this mistake so I m alerting you do not make all these mistakes. I don’t want to make this boring but to avoid this blogging mistakes you should read complete post and follow this all 10 points.

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Blog

1. Copying Others Content

If you want to become the failure in blogging then copy content from other blogs and paste in your blog. It will harm your blog and lower your search engine ranking. So it’s better to write your own content and stop copying content from other blogs.

2. Accepting all comments

Many new bloggers do this mistake while blogging, it’s not good to accept all comment. Only accept those comments which are genuine. Their many people do comment to get a backlink. In WordPress, there is Akismet Plugin <LINK> to stop spam comment, and this plugin will help your blog to fight with spam.

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3. Updating Blog Rarely

It is better to update your blog daily, at least one post you should post on your blog daily. By doing this process you will gain the trust of search engines, it will help you to increase your search engine ranking.

4. Grammatical Errors

Many New & Successful blogger including me do this common blogging mistake. I am trying to improve my grammar and if you want to improve grammar then the best way to improve grammar is reading your school grammar book or learns online.

5. Subscription option

There are many subscription options you should offer to your visit such as Email Subscription, Facebook Like, Twitter Follow, Google+, Pinterest Follow, Feedburner and more.

6. No Social Media Sharing

There are Millions of users on social networking sites in the world, hence when it comes to sharing post on social networking site many bloggers don’t post. So I suggest you share your every post on social networking site and create your fan page on the social network. It will increase your blog credibility.


7. No Tension of Backlink

Many newbies don’t take tension of backlink, it’s wrong if you want to increase ranking then your blog must have a quality backlink. There are many ways to get quality backlinks such as Commenting, Guest Posting Article and Directory Submission and more. Social Bookmarking is also the best way to get quality backlink.

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8. Shortage of Patience

Patience is very important factor to get success because there are many bloggers got failure success in blogging just because of a shortage of patience. So I prefer you to “THINK BIG BUT START SMALL”.

9. NO SEO Knowledge

You have to be serious in this without SEO you cannot bring traffic from search engine. So it’s better to get a basic knowledge of SEO.

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10. Copied About Page

This is an awesome blogging mistake done by many bloggers. About page means to write about you and your blog, but newbie thinks that it means to copy other story and paste in your about page. Create your own about page, write about you, company, mission, biography and more. Check my About Page Here

Keep in mind if you want to get success in blogging then don’t use any unethical way to get success. Patience is very necessary and doesn’t make above blogging mistakes. Hope you would like this post & don’t forget to share this post with your blogger friends to avoid all these blogging mistakes.

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